Maitland Family Office provides the full spectrum of international family office services ranging from family governance and legal advice to the set-up and management of structures, investment advisory, consolidated reporting and fiduciary services, as well as accounting and tax compliance.

Maitland Family Office is one of the largest independent multi-family offices in South Africa.

Our teams work across borders and practice areas to offer a seamless service – whether you require legal, fiduciary or investment services (or a combination of these) worldwide, onshore or offshore.

Maitland Family Office was formed in 2018, following the acquisition of Talaria Wealth, a successful Johannesburg-based fiduciary business, and a desire to combine Maitland’s advisory, fiduciary and investment teams in South Africa.

We have a rich heritage – Maitland as a firm was founded in Luxembourg 43 years ago and counts some of the world’s wealthiest families among its clients. It now has 17 offices worldwide with private clients serviced predominantly from Guernsey, Isle of Man, London, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritius and Monaco.

With an operational presence in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, Maitland Family Office is led by an executive committee comprising Cheryl HowardHerman TroskieRupert WorsdalePaula BagraimHanna Marais and James Newell.

What is a Family Office?

A family office offers a total outsourced solution to managing the financial, tax, legal and investment affairs of an affluent family. It acts as a central management solution and serves as a central source of information and advice on all family financial affairs.

Maitland Family Office is a multi-family office as it looks after more than one family. The near universal appeal of the multi-family office is its holistic orientation. The role of the trusted adviser is to assist with and advise on matters that extend beyond traditional wealth management and financial planning. Rather than the focus purely on investments, families are returning to the priority of having help with their non-investment services, and it is these “soft” services that are most highly valued by family members.

What do we want to achieve?

Continuity of the family, and the preservation of the wealth of the family beyond four generations.

For what purpose?

Enhancement of the individual’s pursuit of self-worth and fulfillment.


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