Our financial planning services include estate planning, which encompasses cash flow, liquidity and tax planning. Risk management is also given careful attention. 

Providing families with support every step of the way

Estate planning and succession planning form an essential part of our wealth planning service, including:

  • The drawing up of wills, taking into account all worldwide assets.
  • The use of family trusts and governance within the trust (protector committee, appointers, reserved powers). Maitland advise not only on the use of a trust, but can establish, manage and administer it, as well as act as the independent trustee. It is of the utmost importance to appoint an independent trustee to ensure compliance of a trust with all relevant legislation.
  • A jurisdictionally tailored succession plan (taking account of limitations of private international law, forced succession and tax on the transfer of wealth).
  • We have also developed a unique planning tool involving a deceased estate administration process which is conducted while the individual is still alive. In this way, the planning process and the administration process are better aligned.


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