Our fiduciary services are provided with simplicity within a frequently complex legal and practical framework.

Complex multi-jurisdictional estate planning and client structures require global expertise.

Our fiduciary services include a full range of accounting and tax compliance for entities supporting the financial planning process. These entities include trusts, investment or private equity companies, property owning or game and/or farming enterprises.

With regard to wealth generating and trading companies, we work together with the traditional accountants and auditors.  

If required, we can act as the company secretary, again providing the complete range of corporate services, including directorships.

The appointment and inclusion of an independent trustee is a prerequisite when establishing an inter vivos trust, or when changes are made to the current trustees. Our focus when administering trusts is to ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory laws, ensuring that the necessary controls are in place, but more importantly to ensure that the objectives for the formation of the trust are met and the family and its wealth is protected. As such, we accept appointments as the independent trustee.

If you have a trust, we provide a full trust administration service and act as an independent trustee.

We help you plan and structure your tax affairs and conduct an annual audit or review.

When it comes to legal matters, our team of lawyers is an integral part of the fiduciary offering. Where necessary, we leverage off our international professional colleagues in other jurisdictions.


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